Bid Day Package Frequently Asked Questions

Bid Day Package Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I pre-order a package?"

When pre-ordering bid packages, it guarantees an early spot in the fulfillment process. We fulfill on a first come, first serve basis. This also means that we will be less likely to run out of inventory! Orders 1-100 generally get sent out in the first wave of deliveries to the sorority houses.

"How do I place a pre-order?"

You can place a pre-order for a Bid Day Package with us several different ways:

  • Online at
  • In-store at University Screenprint, we are located at 414 Highway 12 E Starkville, MS 39759
  • By calling us at 662-324-8277
  • Shop the direct links on social media
  • Scan the QR code on our physical order form

“How will you know what sorority she will join/Do I need to call and let you know what sorority she has joined?”

Simply choose which package you would like to purchase and we take care of the rest! We will receive the Bid List from Panhellenic after the girls have received their bids. Once we receive the list, we will begin filling the orders!

"What if I ordered a Bid Day Package and my daughter decides not to join a sorority? Can I get a refund?"

Yes, you can receive a refund or a gift card! If you placed your order in-store or over the phone, we will not run your card until we have have received the Bid List from Panhellenic on Bid Day. However, you have the option to keep your spot in the fulfillment/delivery order by converting your order to a Welcome to Starkville or Welcome to State Package, which will be delivered to her dorm instead. If you ordered online, you will need to contact us at 662-324-8277 or via email at

"When do you deliver Bid Day Packages?"

Per Panhellenic rules, we will begin delivering Bid Day Packages on Wednesday 8/16 at 12:00 PM to the sorority houses. It will take us several hours to deliver to the houses, please be patient with us!

"What if she cannot find her Bid Day Package?"

Due to the high volume of gifts delivered to the sorority houses, it may take her a moment to locate her package! All packages are dropped off to the respective sorority houses in multiple waves of deliveries throughout the day and several days after. We require each package to be signed for by a designated active member, advisor or house mom. Each package will have a large, custom gift sticker with the girl’s name and gift card message. Please ask her to double check before calling us. Once the gift has been delivered to the sorority house, we are unable to go back to locate it!

"Alpha Chi Omega does not have a house, where will her package be delivered?"

Packages for Alpha Chi Omega will be delivered to the third floor of the Union. Address is: Colvard Student Union 198 Lee Blvd Suite 314 Mississippi State, MS 39762

"When do you stop delivering packages to the sorority houses?"

We will make various trips throughout the days after bid day. Any orders placed after Friday, August 18th at noon will need to be picked up at University Screenprint.

"How late will you be open on Bid Day?"

Our hours are 10-5 but we will stay open until we finish packing Bid Day Packages. As long as we are here, we are open.

"What if you run out of an item?"

We order plenty of each item listed in all Bid Day Packages, but sometimes an item still runs out. Any out of stock items will be substituted with a similar item of equal value or she will receive an "Out of Item" slip in her package. If she receives this slip, she can bring it back to the store to exchange for price value or wait until the item is back in stock. Any substituted item can be brought in for an exchange until September 1, 2023.

"Can I swap out items in the package during the ordering process?"

We don't swap items out, but you can add anything to an existing package! She can exchange anything in her Bid Day Package for store credit as long as it is unused and returned by September 1, 2023.

"If she gets multiple packages, can she return some items?"

She can exchange anything she receives in her Bid Day Package as long as it is unused and is returned by September 1, 2023.

"Can I create my own package?"

Yes you can! We recommend waiting until Bid Day when you know what sorority she has pledged to create your own! Give us a call, order online, or stop by the store to build your own package on Bid Day!

"She doesn't go to Mississippi State, can you ship a package to another school?"

Yes we can! We ship all over the country. You can order online at or by phone (662-324-8277).


We appreciate your business!

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